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Mandurah Window Cleaning Services
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When windows are cleaned professionally, they not only look good, but they dramatically improve the appearance and value of your home. And of course in business, having a shining street presence is vital for attracting customers.

At Crimson and Clover Window Cleaning, we carry the latest deionized water cleaning equipment, which will give you the best possible result. We guarantee all our clients a streak free and shining result each and every visit, and a reliable professional service.

Single Story Window Cleaning Prices
Prices are for standard size windows, 
cleaning inside and out and cleaning the flyscreens.
Units: from $90

Average size homes: from $150 – 180

Large homes: from $180
Double Story Window Cleaning Prices
Due to the many variables (particularly in terms
of access) in two story window cleaning, 
we are unable to have set price estimates. 

Prices start from $180 
for cleaning windows 
on smaller two storey homes.
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